Geforest and Plantăm fapte bune în România – Two innovative urban forestry initiatives across Europe


In the last few months, Uforest project team has selected and analysed some of the most interesting Urban Forestry projects in the continent, with the aim to illustrate real practices and eventually inspire others to start greening their cities. During this event two of these innovative stories was told by their referent.

0:00 – 01:20 : Welcome and event introduction by Alessandra Tomasini, Politecnico di Milano

01:20 – 13:17 : Uforest presentation and speakers introduction by Maria Chiara Pastore, Politecnico di Milano

13:17 – 30:24 : Geforest presentation by Pedro Díaz, Geforest

30:24 – 38:25 :Q&A

38:25 – 55:02 : Plantăm Fapte Bune în România presentation by Mihai Enescu, – Plantăm Fapte Bune

55:02 : Q&A


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