Gary Zuckett Explains The Importance Of Climate Justice


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“Climate affects not just the weather, but everything. Our health, our homes, our jobs, our families. Climate justice and the causes cut across state and national borders.”

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People’s Action’s convention is a cherished, 50-year tradition in which over 1,000 members and allies strategize and build power through workshops, trainings, direct actions, and meetings with elected officials. Our convention is a space for people to experience the joy, inspiration, and power of collective action. This year’s theme, “Coming Home: An Organizing Revival,” was a homecoming, representing the organization’s position in the movement as a political home for millions. The event served as the national launch of the Organizing Revival. The #OrganizingRevival is our commitment and plan to sharpen and expand the craft of organizing by training tens of thousands of new leaders in rural, suburban, and urban communities in the craft of community organizing.


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