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When you hear the name Galileo, what do you think about? Galileo Galilei is often associated with telescopes, the universe, and being imprisoned for his discoveries. In Galileo Galilei for Kids, you will learn a lot more about this amazing scientist and mathematician and his inventions and scientific discoveries.

Galileo was the oldest of six kids. Galileo studied medicine in college and later switched to mathematics. However, he ran out of money and had to drop out. This setback didn’t stop him from continuing to study on his own time. He supported himself by teaching math and art to others.

Around the year 1609, Galileo learned about the telescope. Some people think he invented the tool, but that is not true. He was simply the first to use it (or use the one he built and improved) to study the stars. He discovered that Venus had phases, and he discovered four moons that revolve around Jupiter. These moons are now known as the Galilean Satellites in his honor.

Galileo also studied Copernicus’s theory that the sun was the center of the universe, and even had evidence to support his theory. This led to his arrest and imprisonment by the Roman Catholic church. The church still taught that Earth was the center of the universe, which Galileo discovered wasn’t the case. Despite being told not to teach Copernicus’s ideas or beliefs anymore, Galileo continued to do so and was branded a heretic. He was sentenced to life in prison. The church officially apologized for arresting Galileo in 1992, which is 392 years after Galileo’s death!

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What you will learn in Galileo Galilei for Kids:
0:00 Introduction to the scientist
0:41 Early life and schooling of Galileo
1:35 Studying forces of motion and developing the law of pendulum
2:16 Galileo and the telescope
3:46 Conflicts with the Roman Catholic church
4:29 Catholic church officially apologizes
5:03 Review of the facts

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