Funding Transportation in San Francisco


As our City has grown, so has our need for mass transit. Increased traffic, rising gas prices and the threat of climate change mean Muni is more important than ever because all kinds of people rely on it.

Muni is our City’s affordable, reliable and green public transit option. But, over the years, operating costs for Muni and public transportation services have continued to climb while revenues have not kept pace. This has had a big impact on keeping buses and trains running.

The future of Muni is at stake, drastic cuts could be coming as the agency is looking at a budget deficit of some 230 plus million dollars. We are exploring potential new revenue sources to help us update and repair our outdated infrastructure and to maintain and even improve service. You may be asking, “what can I do to help? Ride Muni, jump on board for a night out on the town, go run errands, and use it to get to school. Muni gives you access to all of the City.

Join us in keeping Muni a vital part of San Francisco for the next 100 years. Visit


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