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Full spetrum plant growth lamp indoor hydroponics greenhouse for Cannabis flower vegetable


Light plant growth lamp-150W/300W/600W/900W

1. 10-100% dimmable function makes it be able to take care of each growth stage of different plants more scientifically.
2. GTL 150W LED Full Spectrum Growth Lamp and High PPF: it suits for the whole stage of plant growth from Veg to Bloom.
3. Quite LED Grow Light: High-End & High-Performance Self-Heating Dissipation Feature. This fixture get rid of traditional loud fan. Quite running and excellent heat dissipation function.
4. Suggest Height: 24-30 inch for Germination, 24 inch for Seeding, 18-24 inch for Veg, 12-18 inch for Flower. More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights.
5. Friendly Use : the whole kit wattage is 150watt, if you need 300W/600W/900W, just need to connecting bar to realize. Reducing your puchase cost and installation cost.
6. Full Spectrum LED Growth Light Flower Plant Phyto Growth Lamps for Aquarium Greenhouse Plant Growing


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