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Experience new ROADSHOW in New Mexico at Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, with finds that include an Ángel Botello oil painting, Muhammad Ali and Alfred Hitchcock autographs, a Joseph Henry Sharp oil portrait from around 1900, a 1969 Alexander Calder sculpture, a Glorieta Mountain pallasite meteorite, a Victorian gold serpent necklace, 1927 & 1936 Martin Lewis etchings, a Civil War Officer’s memorial, a Georgia O’Keeffe group, an Art Deco diamond and platinum ring, Ming Dynasty Fahua tomb figures, 1935 Sheldon-Claire Co. work incentive posters, men’s disco shoes, an Irish lace coat made around 1910, a Carl von Hassler painting, and a Santa Fe Railroad advertising sign. One is valued at $250,000!

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00:00 Open
01:22 Joseph Henry Sharp Oil Portrait, ca. 1900
04:43 20th C. Chinese Silver Washed Copper Dish
05:03 Alaskan Native Basket, ca. 1950
05:54 Glorieta Mountain Pallasite Meteorite
09:44 1976 Ali Signature & 1977 Hitchcock-signed Caricature
13:47 Memorial Pendant
15:00 Ángel Botello Oil Painting, ca. 1960
19:16 1927 & 1936 Martin Lewis Etchings
23:04 Rockwell The Problem We All Live With Print
23:29 Civil War Officer’s Memorial, ca. 1900
24:09 Georgia O’Keeffe Group, ca. 1970
28:04 Art Deco Diamond & Platinum Ring, ca. 1920
30:35 1952 Dog of the Year Award Plate
31:28 Ming Dynasty Fahua Tomb Figures
35:49 Victorian Gold Serpent Necklace with Heart Pendant
37:41 1935 Sheldon-Claire Co. Work Incentive Posters
41:33 Men’s Disco Shoes, ca. 1970
41:48 Jacquard Loom Tapestry, ca. 1925
42:40 Irish Lace Coat, ca. 1910
45:02 Carl von Hassler Painting, ca. 1940
45:38 Santa Fe Railroad Advertising Sign, ca. 1955
46:28 1969 Alexander Calder Sculpture
50:55 Feedback Booth


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