From Green Cities to Climate Justice in the Green City: Changing paradigm and practice


[ IV International Conference on Climate Justice ]

// Toward COP27 | Gender Intersectionality and Climate Justice – 26th October 2022 \

//Isabelle Anguelovski is the Director of BCNUEJ (Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability) and ICREA Research Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Her research examines the extent to which urban plans and policy decisions to more just, resilient and sustainable cities and how environmental processes can lead to new forms of locally unwanted land uses in the marginalized communities.
During her speech, she focus on how to create a just and green cities for all in the issues of urban climate justice and urban sustainability.

///The Conference has been held by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Climate Justice and the international research group “Climate Change, Territories, Diversities”.
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More info about the Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet on Climate Justice


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