From A Small Town in U.P. To Building Treebo Hotels, Working at McKinsey and Leaving Myntra…


Hi, thanks for stopping by! You’re watching #TheBarbershopWithShantanuS2: #RaisersEdge.

In today’s episode, Shantanu has a one-on-one conversation with Rahul Chaudhary, Venture Partner at Matrix Partners India, and former co-founder at Treebo Hotels.

Stay tuned till the end of the video to know why India is the place to be, how he made the leap to startups with Myntra, building Treebo, his new chapter in the Venture Capital world and much more!

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00:00:00 A teaser of what’s to come
00:01:15 Intro
00:02:26 Being a part of Matrix Partners
00:09:27 Angel vs Institutional Investing.
00:13:19 How VC as a profession is changing
00:15:42 Can investors add value?
00:24:00 What happens when founders and VC fund don’t align?
00:27:13 Things great VCs do
00:30:24 Things are looking up for India 🇮🇳
00:31:03 Feedback loops are super short!
00:35:28 Shantanu’s Bizarre Confidence in Starting BSC
00:38:41 “This VC shit is hard!”
00:45:26 Things are quickly changing in India 🇮🇳
00:58:45 Differences in India and the US
01:00:02 The naivety of pissing on traditional businesses
01:04:11 Everybody can learn from the hospitality business
01:09:17 Rahul’s years at Treebo
01:21:40 Behaviour of the Indian Consumer
01:26:12 What should brands be doing?
01:29:50 Dealing with challenges at Treebo
01:38:02 Letting go 12% of Treebo
01:41:19 Rahul’s Work/Life Balance
01:43:06 Investing in fitness as a founder
01:46:20 Rahul’s relationship with Sid
01:57:25 The role of Rahul’s family in his success
02:06:41 Shantanu’s story on dating
02:09:54 How did Rahul he wanted to marry Navneet?
02:13:49 On being a parent
02:22:24 Concluding notes


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My name is Shantanu and I am the founder of Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae.
I LOVE entrepreneurship. Personally, I would rate myself as an average (at best) entrepreneur, but I love great ones.

The BarberShop with Shantanu S2: Raiser’s Edge goes beyond our conversations from S1 on our podcast to tangible help.

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