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75% of Earth’s land areas are degraded, paired with growing population especially concentrating in urban areas we have quite a challenge in front of us. There are ways we can approach this, big thank you to innovators such as our guests in this frogeex Green Tech Talk on Urban Agriculture

Henry Gordon-Smith, founder of Agritecture consulting municipalities and organisation in their urban farming approach and the provider of Agritecture Designer a unique software to help anybody start an Urban Farm with the right plan behind.

Christine Gould, founder of Thought for Food Movement introducing the World’s Biggest Incubator for AgTech business, supporting innovators globally

Evan Burr, from the NY City Administration, talking on opportunities ahead in diverse applications on the spectrum of Urban Agriculture in the NY community

In our talk we will go through
-Learning from the past to be resilient for Future Shocks
-Urban Agriculture possibilities and Benefits in urban areas
-Climate Change & the Revival of Agriculture making it attractive for Youth &Top Talent
-Experience Sharing on Takeaways from running Urban farming projects in NY

Urban farming is not perfect & has many challenges in particular material and energy usage of Vertical farms. But paired with regenerative practice we believe it will be part of the approach to provide food going forward

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