Foolproof Mushroom Farming: Your Secret Ticket to Serious Money


John from visits Long Beach Mushrooms to Show you the foolproof way to grow mushrooms. You will discover how you can start a mushroom farm with NO EXPERIENCE and be profitable from day 1.

In this episode, you will learn about Long Beach Mushrooms and how they grow mushrooms for the long beach community and beyond. You will learn about the growing medium they use, how they sterilize the growing medium, as well as how they grow the mushroom spawn on grains to create the grain spawn.

You will discover how they make Mushroom grow bags they will sell to other local individuals, farmers, or people that want to start a mushroom farm to make mushroom growing foolproof without a large investment in sterilization and pasteurization equipment, and taking the learning curve out of growing mushrooms.

You will learn how the mushroom grow bags are grown in a standard hydroponic grow tent that has fans and a humidity generator. You will see mushrooms growing in these tents and how the farm can keep the perfect amount of humidity so the mushrooms can thrive.

You will discover how the mushrooms are packed for the local farmer’s markets and local restaurants that buy fresh mushrooms in Long Beach.

Finally, John will interview Justin Nguyen one of the founders of Long Beach Mushrooms so you can learn more about why he started growing mushrooms, and how he is disrupting the mushroom-growing industry and upsetting local farmers’ market managers. you will also learn some mushroom cultivation tips and tricks.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:24 This Farm Started in 2020 in their Garage
01:45 Become a Mushroom Farmer and Make 2x-5x on your money
02:47 Tour of their Warehouse Farm
03:23 Creating the Mushroom Growing Medium
04:24 Homemade Sterilizer to Sterilize Bags
05:28 Creating Master Starter for Mushroom Grain Spawn(?)
08:10 Taking Grain Spawn into Growing Bag
10:20 You can buy this bag and grow 3-5 pounds of mushrooms
11:28 Disrupting the Mushroom Industry
12:20 Genetics for the Mushrooms
13:35 Using Grow Tents to Grow out Mushroom Bags
15:20 Preparing a Bag to put in the Grow Tent
16:04 How a Grow Tent is Set Up
18:04 Humitidy Meter
18:47 Mushrooms Growing out of the bags
19:39 Harvested Mushrooms Ready for Farmers Market
20:12 Blue Mushrooms!
20:20 Best way to cook Mushrooms to Eat
20:58 Interview with Justin Nguyen Mushroom Farmer
21:26 Why did you start a mushroom farm?
22:44 Why did you start growing mushrooms in your garage?
23:44 Did it help you or hurt you starting during the pandemic?
24:20 Why is selling local mushrooms so important?
25:40 How can you help people start a mushroom farm?
27:44 What are the health benefits of mushrooms?
28:56 What kinds of classes on mushrooms do you teach?
30:12 Do you give tours of your mushroom farm?
31:19 Where/How do you sell your mushrooms?
32:40 How can a grow kit make it easy to grow mushrooms?
34:15 What kinds of mushroom cultures do you grow and why?
35:24 What varieties are you growing right now?
35:40 How can someone find your website and contact you
36:38 Any final thoughts you would like to share with my viewers

After watching this episode, you will learn the easiest way to grow mushrooms and start a mushroom farm so you can start making money today a foolproof way.

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