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Foodscape Urban Farm. Greg and Dori Eddolls. Who we are and what we do.



Foodscape Urban Farm. Greg and Dori Eddolls. Who we are and what we do.

It’s really simple what we do. Our passion about gardening is directly related to health from nutrition. Running our own Urban Garden benefits our health, our wallet and our ability to be self-sufficient with our food supply.

We try to grow as much as we can to supplement what we buy at the store. The more garden fresh food we eat, the more we realize just how “not fresh” or “not ripe” the vegetables are that we get at the store. This makes us want to grow everything we eat…and eat (as much as possible) only what we grow ourselves.

We know that if it came from our garden it has no pesticides, no herbicides, no genetically modified seeds and that it’s going to taste a lot better.

It’s part of our mission in life to help other people realize this change and embrace the principles of self-sufficiency as much as possible. We want to help people use their own limited space for growing food.

Instead of putting in landscaping we put in foodscaping. Instead of spending hard earned money and time at the grocery store, we spend time watching the miracle of God’s creation growing and providing sustenance through the food that grows out of the ground.

It’s our goal to become good growers…not just to buy some plants at Home Depot and stick them in the ground.

What if you could grow your own food from seed?
What if you saved your seed from your own harvest and used it the next year?
What if you could share that gift with other people?
What if you took control of your own food supply?

We want to help grow the movement of Urban Gardening and we call it Foodscape!


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