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By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion. About 70% of the world’s population will be urban and to support that our food production must increase by 70% and we need 3 Earths.

COVID-19 has accelerated many trends including high tech faming (Urban farming)
trends. An obvious sense of enquiry is now the theme of all aware citizens — What are we eating, where does it come from, and how it is grown?

Consumer focus has shifted towards a more healthier, natural and holistic way of living.

When food becomes scarce, we have to turn to high tech farms. Future is high tech and fairly local.

Hi-Tech Agro Soup
Agro Soup is working on solving the global problem of food security and future of food.
Sparking Hi-Tech Farming Through Social Commerce

Social Commerce Platform for High Tech Farming Community. Connect, Learn and Share. From High-Tech Polyhouse Vendors to its Produce, and Everything in Between. Buy, Sell and Grow Together!

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