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Floating Raft Hydroponics Update Dec 2012


I’ve started a second crop of lettuce in the floating raft setup. The non-aerated side is well underway, and looking great. I’m planting more lettuce and greens in the actual floating side. As for any algae issues, the non-aerated side was perfect, no algae at all. On the floating side, I did have a bit of algae between the rafts where I didn’t have a tight fit. Pushing the rafts closer together and covering the gaps on the edges should resolve that problem.

Here’s a link to the fertilizer I use : http://youtu.be/vYv9iu2NI3M

Also, I recently talked about building an Aquaponics greenhouse. But before I do that, I need to do a test run so I can work out the kinks and make sure I have a workable system. I finally found 2 good IBC containers and will be using them as my experimental setup.


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