Fleet Farming: A Bold Approach To Urbanization, Food Creation and the Future of Urban Farming (CC)


Florida-based urban agriculture social enterprise non-profit Fleet Farming is making a difference in Central Florida and soon across the United States.

With the growth in urbanization and future food shortages, It is redefining the local food system, one lawn at a time. With a mission to redefine local food systems, Fleet Farming operates by converting lawns into edible gardens and micro-farms.

Human population is predicted to reach the 9 billion mark by the year 2050. Inherently, a growing population requires an increase in food supply. To meet the population’s growing food requirement, experts estimate that crop yield should be doubled by the year 2050. Fleet Farming cities may be the answer to meet that demand.

Read the article here: https://www.boldbusiness.com/infrastructure/fleet-farming-cities-bold-approach-urban-farming-future/

Exclusive interview by Bold Business CEO & Publisher Ed Kopko and EVP & Associate Publisher John Miles.

Featured Bold Leaders:

Chris Castro
Co-creator of Fleet Farming

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