#FinEquity2023 Perspectives on Financial Inclusion for Women's Empowerment & Climate Transition


Panelists Barbara Magnoni, Shameran Abed, Shiphra Chisha, and Mary Ellen Iskenderian joined the FinEquity 2023 Annual Meeting for an engaging discussion on regional opportunities for financial services to support women as actors of change in the climate transition.

FinEquity’s 2023 Annual Meeting explored the nexus that links financial inclusion, women’s empowerment, and climate change, with the purpose of understanding how financial services can help women adapt their livelihoods to erratic rainfall patterns and rising temperatures to mitigate climate risks.

Barbara Magnoni | President, EA Consultants
Shameran Abed | Executive Director, BRAC International
Shiphra Chisha | Director of Programmes, Graça Machel Trust
Mary Ellen Iskenderian | President and CEO, Women’s World Banking

Event page and materials: https://www.findevgateway.org/finequity/training-events/finequity2023-annual-meeting

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