Fijian Prime Minister keynote address at the WUF10 Urban Culture & Climate Change Action


There’s a special place that our Pacific heritage has had in shaping our perspective, and that deep-seated cultural influence has fueled our urgency in combating climate change. These words of the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during a Special Session on Urban Culture And Climate Change Action in Abu Dhabi.
“In Fiji, we’ve embraced innovation to combat climate change and adapt to withstand its impacts,” PM said.
With the theme “connecting culture and innovation”, Prime Minster Bainimarama said solutions to some of the existing problems such as climate change can be found in our roots, history and heritage.
“Abundance has been replaced by scarcity, and as a result, the once-self-regulating nature of fishing has been replaced by a more short-sighted quest for commercial gain.”
Prime Minister Bainimarama said we need rehabilitate that harmony through restorative measures like replanting mangroves on our coastlines or vetiver grass on our riverbeds, or on a larger scale, engaging in carbon markets to offset emissions of highly-developed nations, we are increasingly returning to nature to stave off rising sea levels and global temperatures.


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