FAUSAT SPEAKS!™ on P.E.T MONEY TALKS SERIES with John Ochogwu – Online Biz Workshop: FREE DOWNLOADS!


Date: Saturday 2nd September 2023
Time: 8p.m
Registration: FREE ONLINE

Attend and get 2 FREE EBook offers from Fausat.

Click the link below to download the one-page flyer to get full details:

Click https://www.fausatsanni-yusuf.com/pet-money-talks to download the flyer now.


No worries. Fill and submit the form on the event announcement page (at https://www.fausatsanni-yusuf.com/pet-money-talks) to request Fausat’s subtitled recording of the talk PLUS a print-ready PDF transcript version you can download and read offline.


Small Collaborations for Mighty Profits (SC4MP)™ Specialist
Co-Founder & CEO, Royal Siblings Ventures Limited
Founder, Royal Siblings Entrepreneurs Club (RSEC)™

Tel: +234-805-062-7676
Email: fausat@fausatsanni-yusuf.com
Web: https://www.fausatsanni-yusuf.com & http://www.royalsibings.net [or http://www.royalsibings.com]

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5. Warehouse Storage Service
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7. Excel-VB Agro-Processing Biz Manager Software
8. All Fausat’s PDF Agribiz Ebooks (Over 20)
9. Profit-Making Beekeeping Biz Startup Projections (MS ExcelVB) Template
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