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sUbScRiBe FoR mOrE ViDeOs:

Contact your representatives and join groups:
List of the other senators:

Join the Climate Town subreddit y’all:
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Read Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas –

United By Zero:

History of Fashion:

Fast fashion stats and analysis:

Videos in case you don’t wanna read:

Zara annual report:

Clothing thrown away:

Legal stuff:

Genuinely Good Reporting:
NYT Coverage:

Organizations you can join right now:
Sunrise Movement:
Extinction Rebellion:
Citizens Climate Lobby:
Climate Action Network:
Heated (newsletter): – that one’s right in the name
Union of Concerned Scientists:

Some reading to do:
The Merchants of Doubt:
All We Can Save:
The Uninhabitable Earth:
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate:

Writing team:
Rollie Williams, Nicole Conlan, Ben Boult, Matt Nelsen
Shot by:
Matt Nelsen

Banger intro song by the one and only Gratis:


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