Farmlyplace Summary – new ways of Urban Farming as part of buildings, including smart farm services


Farmlyplace is an innovator of smart food production and controlled growing environments with included on-site farming service. Farming in a controlled environment means, clients can depend on consistent costs and quality year-round, regardless of season.

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Farmlyplace stands for conceptual design, planning, construction, marketing, sales and the operation of modular farm systems as well as the trade of produce coming out of these farms.
– Development of management- and controller systems for farm operations (smart farming).
– Operation of the online marketing platform for locally produced products.
– Providing a quality management solution for the farm system customers.

– Farmlyplace will not only install its hydroponic farm on site, but staff a designated team of farmers to operate, monitor, and maintain the farm completely. The service includes the consumables, seedlings and nutrients to run a hydroponic farm.
Farmlyplace Services can immediately integrate with any foodservice operation or any supply chain for produce.
Clients choose what to grow, and how that produce will be distributed within their organization.

Ease of integration makes Farmlyplace Services ideal for corporations, universities, residential communities, hospitals and other clients committed to food transparency and wellness.


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