Farming on the Urban Edge 1: Rethinking What Peri-urban Farming Can Look Like


Farming on the Urban Edge Docuseries, Episode 1
Farming on the Urban Edge &
Rethinking What Peri-urban Farming Can Look Like

A docuseries by The Peri-Urban Agriculture Network

A project by WSU Food Systems, WSU Extension and Oregon State University Extension funded by a grant from Western SARE.


BiZi Farms, Bill Zimmerman (Vancouver, WA)

Black Farmers Collective, Masra Clamoungou and Ray Williams (Redmond, WA)

Good Rain Farm, Michelle Week (Washougal, WA & Gresham, OR)

Hedlin Farms, Dave Hedlin (La Conner, WA)

Local Roots Farm, Jason Salvo and Siri Erickson-Brown (Duvall, WA)

Mosby Farms, Rosella and Burr Mosby (Auburn, WA)

OSU Extension and Culinary Breeding Network, Lane Selman (Portland, OR)

Silver Star Farms, Jon Cotton (Brush Prairie, WA)

Stoneboat Farm, Aaron Nichols (Helvetia, OR)

Sweet Hollow Farm, Vero Vergara and Caitlin Ehlers (Woodinville, WA)

WSU Extension, Justin O’Dea (Vancouver, WA)

Production by: Aba Kiser
Direction by: Justin O’Dea
Video by: Asia Colón
Audio by: Camelia Jade
Music by: Lieut. Jim Europe’s 369th U.S. Infantry Hell Fighters Band and Ketsa

The Peri-Urban Agriculture Network aims to provide a supportive network of farmers, researchers, educators, policymakers, and community stakeholders working together to facilitate education and develop long-term strategies to keep farms and agricultural lifestyles viable in the face of urbanization pressures.


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