Farmer Chippy (with Chichi cameo) – International Urban Agriculture celebrity webinar Q/A


Farmer Chippy uses agriculture as a vehicle for change.

Why would a successful global IT professional adopt a west #Baltimore community that the world abandoned? The renascence he has brought to the Park Heights neighborhood brings hardened men to tears. He has transformed not only the land, the lives of those who are there, but also legions of young farmers/scholars across the globe. It is incredibly humbling that Chippy has allowed me to have an inside view as he has grown this dream for Baltimore (and the world) into an international success story.

And for those of us in the know, it never would have happened without Neith Little’s nudge.

Featuring: Farmer Chippy, Chichi Nyagah-Nash and Neith Litte
Credits: All the important backend stuff no one sees but everyone needs: Jamal Francis
Blooper of not hitting the record button as we started: Andrew


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