Farm.One is coming back to Brooklyn


In early 2022, even with the support of our passionate members and the local community, Farm.One could not raise the funding it needed to continue growing post-COVID. As a result, in February 2022, Farm.One had to close down their farm entirely. 

For months the company continued to pursue every funding lead. By September, the team was convinced the dream had been extinguished beyond any hope. ‍But somehow, despite everything, underneath it all, a little seed stayed alive. ‍

“‍At the very last minute, we were found by a new investor. One with the resources to support our plans to expand our facility and grow for the long term.‍ ‍Farm.One is about to be better than ever,” the team shares. 

‍Farm.One is already fixing up its Neighborhood Farm building on Bergen street in Brooklyn and adding more production capacity. In a few weeks, they will start planting herbs, flowers, and salad greens for its members again and for various restaurants in New York. ‍The first harvests will begin in early 2023. More details will be shared soon! 

“‍To all those who have supported us with your positive messages, helpful advice, connections, and prayers, we thank you. Shout out to Agritecture in particular. We thank our heroic ex-team for their incredible support, and we hope to re-hire team members as possible,” the company added. 

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