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Farm Animals & Us 2


Watch wild pigs and farmed pigs, wild chickens and farmed chickens. See how pigs, chickens and dairy cows are kept in free-range vs intensive systems. Consider the effects of selective breeding and animal confinement on efficient food production and animal welfare.

How should we reconcile our needs for food and efficient production with our responsibility to keep animals in humane conditions?

26 minutes. Updated 2014. Covers selective breeding of chickens and cows and efficient human food chains

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Warning — film contains scenes of intensive farming including animal confinement, separation of young animals from their mothers and one short clip of piglet tail-docking which some will find distressing.

Farm Animals & Us 2. 26 minutes. Start times of individual sections are shown below in mins.secs.

– Introduction
– Pig behaviour and welfare — intensive and alternative systems (1.26)
– Chicken behaviour and welfare (hens and meat chickens) (7.00)
– Intensive dairy production and its alternatives (12.57)
– Farm animal sentiency (18.42)
– Human food chains and efficiency (22.09)
– Personal choices (23.25)

This film was produced for students aged 14 to adult. Where time is limited, you may prefer to show the less detailed Farm Animals & Us which is aimed at ages 10-15 but has proved suitable for older students where a shorter film is required.

For a more detailed film about pigs, Animal Welfare Aspects of Good Agricultural Practice — pig production, our film for agriculture, animal science and veterinary courses at colleges and universities, can also be viewed online.


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