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Minority Farming

Faces of Africa: Haile Selassie, the pillar of a Modern Ethiopia



Though he died almost four decades ago, Haile Selassie’s legacy remains strong and valid. “Faces of Africa” sought to unearth the events and memories of the man who dared to confront the League of Nations, pleading for their support in conquering the Italians who were preparing to attack Ethiopia. #FacesofAfrica #HaileSelassie

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Minority Farming

World War II and American Agriculture



As the war progressed, farmers were being asked to produce much more food with fewer and fewer workers. More and more young men were being drafted or enlisted in the military.

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The farm labor shortage quickly became severe, especially for fruit and vegetable producers who relied on migratory hand labor.
In the course of the war, 15 million men and women were called up into the military.

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At the time, the entire workforce consisted of only 73 million people. Over 20 percent of the pre-war workforce were now in the military, not working at their civilian jobs. The nation needed new ways to get the work done.
In the factories that meant opportunities for women and for minority populations who had been out of the workforce before. Defense plants were recruiting and offering high salaries, and many of the new workers came from the farms.


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Minority Farming

Government Grants for Cattle Farmers



Several government grant and loan programs assist cattle breeders with the costs of starting their business. Cattle breeders raise their own animals for sale or future breeding.
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Typical tasks include repairing and cleaning cattle stalls, feeding and watering cattle, and monitoring animal health. Cattle breeders must have knowledge of breeding methods, product marketing skills, business skills, an agricultural facility and equipment to start a cattle breeding business.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program provides education, training, and technical assistance to aspiring farmers and ranchers. Paid internships for farmers who want to set up a cattle breeding business can be funded.

Other eligible costs include corporate governance practices, marketing and legal strategies. The aim of the program is to promote careers in agriculture and to support prospective and socially disadvantaged farmers who lack the means to further educate themselves and gain qualifications.

Beginning Female Farmers Grant

Farm Grants For Females

#cattlefarmers #farminggrants #femalegrants


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Minority Farming

Prof. Paris Yeros on Late Neocolonialism : Monopoly Capitalism in Permanent Crisis.



Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies Jnu presenting 4 days Lecture Series on Contemporary Agrarian Systems in the Global South : Emerging Institutional Arrangements, Challenges and Responses. 26-29 February 2020, School of Arts & Aesthetics(SAA) Auditorium, JNU. Prof. Paris Yeros, Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil delivered 3rd R.N. Godbole Memorial Lecture on Late Neocolonialism : Monopoly Capitalism in Permanent Crisis.


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