Exploring Green Futures: Youth & Sustainable Paint with Jake Kramp 🌱 | International Youth Day 2023


🌱🎓 Celebrating International Youth Day 2023! 🎓🌱

Hello everyone! 🌍 We’re excited to announce our recent interview with Jake Kramp, a dedicated researcher at Swansea University. Jake’s focus is on sustainable paints for urban spaces, aligning perfectly with this year’s International Youth Day theme, “Nurturing Green Proficiencies in Youth.” 🌿🏗️

Jake’s inspiring journey into sustainable practices and his expertise in developing eco-friendly urban landscapes will captivate your interest. 🌆🌱

Stay tuned throughout the coming week as we delve deeper into our own climate action journey, sharing more valuable content and engaging discussions with our dynamic Youth Network. 🌎🌱

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