Exploring Abandoned Luxury Mansion of a Nazi Soldier | Austria Uncovered


Austria Uncovered: Episode 1 (subtitles available) Exploring an abandoned luxury mansion with everything left behind

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At first glance, you wouldn’t believe the manor from this video is abandoned. But it is – and the past is present. Who left all of this behind? Who were the former residents? The purpose of our exploration is to find out. Join us as we uncover Austria’s abandoned places! #urbex #abandonedplaces #bwturbex

Watch the behind-the-scenes video published by our guide Georg (@zeit_pictures): https://youtu.be/gVksqvSOzbs

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00:00 – Intro
01:43 – Entering a true time capsule
04:36 – What happened to the residents?
08:09 – Searching for traces in the attic
13:04 – Before and after pictures
16:37 – Our new Telegram channel

“The Red Line” – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
“Rise to Power” – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
“The Unexpected Guests” – August Wilhelmsson
“Harmonics” – Hampus Naeselius
“The Gordian Knot” – Jakob Ahlbom
“Unlimited” – Megan Wofford
“Monday Moonwalk” – Guustavv


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