(Event Highlights) [AIRI Regional Forum I] Bridging Knowledge and Action (活動花絮) [AIRI區域論壇I] 連結知識與行動


The AIRI Regional Forum I “Bridging Knowledge and Action: the Roles of the University in Rural Revitalisation” was successfully held on June 17, 2023. The Forum brought together leading scholars and renowned practitioners from across Asia-Pacific to engage in dynamic discussions on how universities can play a critical role in rural revitalisation in cities that have gone through rapid urbanisation and economic development. We are grateful to have more than 230 physical and online attendees joining us from across the Asia-Pacific region.

The event included keynote dialogues and panel discussions on various topics, including rural sustainable development strategies for combating climate change, the Chinese experience in narrowing the urban-rural disparity through the 11 National Pilot Zones for Urban-Rural Integration, and the development of a strong pool of rural revitalisation leaders through university outreach programmes and community support projects.

The Forum is one of the key knowledge exchange events under our AIRI programme. For more details about the AIRI, please visit: https://ccsg.hku.hk/airi/


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