EPISODE #3: ANNE & DAN MANASSERO on the war on farmers and how we can win it


Do you want to eat “ze bugs”? Do you want to eat FAKE MEAT, FAKE CHICKEN, and FAKE FOOD for the rest of your life? America’s farmers Anne & Dan Manassero take on the war on farmers—farms are being destroyed and so are REAL fruits and vegetables they produce that sustain us—and how together we can win the war on farmers. The war on farmers is a war on us, our food supply and our health!

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ABOUT ANNE & DAN MANASSERO: The Manassero Family is proudly celebrating 101 years of farming in Orange County!  The Original Manassero Farms is the last of a 3rd generation family farming legacy that began back in 1922 by grandfather, James Manassero. 
Learning from his grandpa, James, father, Stephen and uncle Emil, Dan learned all the tricks of the trade that would make him one of the best certified organic and conventional farmers in California.  Our 4 locations in Orange County are the culmination of years of hard work by co-owner and farmer, Dan Manassero (and wife, co-owner, Anne Manassero).  
Over the years Dan has witnessed how such influences from governmental regulations, labor resources, trade, large commercial growers, and big box stores have changed the face of urban farming. Dan and Anne know you have to be creative and open to keeping up with growing trends in farming and lifestyle. They know they are completely blessed to still be farming. 
Dan and Anne have combined their seemingly completely different skills and separate interests into a thriving business.  Dan the consummate farmer, Anne is the consummate homemaker, designer and marketer.  Want to experience the best of what Dan and Anne have to offer?  Check out our newest and largest location, The Irvine Market. Our Market is a one-of-a-kind blend of a fresh farm produce, specialty foods market, gift, garden store and special events venue.  
The number one comment we get from our customers is that we are Irvine’s “Hidden Gem!”  Check out our fun filled kids’ zone, pick your own seasonal strawberries and various produce, host a one-of-a-kind event or just bring some coffee and enjoy the space!  From the amazing produce that has been walked, not trucked-in, to our private labeled jams, jellies, honeys, gourmet foods, gifts and home goods; coming to the market is an experience that can’t be matched anywhere else in OC. 
Dan and Anne take pride in the fact that their talents has produced a place their customers return to over and over again.  After all, they know that the 101 years of family farming would have long since disappeared without our incredible customers that have continued to support their efforts all these many years.  

LAURA EISENHOWER’S website: www.cosmicgaia.org

ABOUT LAURA: Laura Eisenhower is a Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work world wide. Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower and she reveals Exopolitical information about his administration, that has been largely held in secrecy. She is considered by many to be one of North Americas leading researchers and experts on: Health, Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, Astrology and Galactic History. Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop, False Archonic systems and Military Industrial Complex and exposes hidden agendas so we can take our power back. Feeling a calling regarding her mission since she was a child, she has gained incredible insight through her wilderness adventures, psychic development and has been connecting major dots about how to guide us into higher Earth energies. She has a deep understanding of Gaia-Sophia and our Divine Blueprint (Christ-Sophia)and how they connect to the Venus transits, Earth grids, Global Alchemy, DNA & ET races. Her passion is to inspire unity consciousness and bring us back to the Zero point/Unified field, the totality of our divine powers.

MARISA ACOCELLA’S website: www.marisaacocella.com

ABOUT MARISA: Marisa Acocella is The New York Times best-selling author of the graphic memoir Cancer Vixen, and the graphic novels The Big She-Bang, Ann Tenna and Just Who the Hell is She, Anyway? She is a cartoonist for The New Yorker whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Advertising Age, Glamour, W, and O, the Oprah Magazine, among many other publications. Her graphic memoir Cancer Vixen was named one of Time Magazine’s top ten graphic memoirs. Marisa is thrilled to be doing Divine Mother Earth Time with her dear friend Laura Eisenhower.

The Big She-Bang can be purchased here:


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