Episode 131: Jennifer Smith Funn and Aldo


Jennifer Funn has been named the director of the Baltimore region Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of Maryland. The new region will provide services to businesses and entrepreneurs in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. The region is one of 6 centers and more than 23 locations serving Maryland businesses.

As the director, Ms. Funn will be responsible for planning, developing, and implementing all programs offered by the SBDC; identifying resource requirements and strategies in the delivery of such programs and services; and securing and maintaining the funding necessary to accomplish program goals and objectives in this diverse area of the state.

“I am committed to expanding the Maryland Small Business Development Center’s services to assist Baltimore City and Baltimore County’s entrepreneurs grow and sustain their businesses,“ says Funn.
“Jennifer’s knowledge of Baltimore City and Baltimore County, the breadth and depth of her contacts in each, and her knowledge of the SBDC make her an ideal first director of our new Baltimore region,” says Paul Bardack, executive director of the Maryland SBDC Program.

Funn has initiated several innovative programs and was named an outstanding staff member by the University of Maryland. She also received a citation from the city of Baltimore for the SBDC Women’s conference and her work to bring an urban farm to the Branch Avenue in Bloom community project.

Aldo Barillas, MBA

Bilingual-Spanish professional with 20 years of experience in community service, education, utility, consulting, and construction business.

Background includes experience in project teams related to business management, human resources, management, and safety areas.

Currently, working as a business consultant for the Maryland SBDC – Baltimore Region in the business area.

This includes assistance and commercial information, start-up, bidding and contract management, general business management and human resources, and coordinating training.

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Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

What is the SBDC, and how do they help small businesses?
The importance of writing your business plan yourself.
The West Baltimore project and legal assistance.
The importance of building your team.
Listen to learn all the free resources available from the SBDC.
Aldo shares information on resources available for the Latino population.
Jennifer shares the other resource partners available to Maryland businesses.

Jennifer Funn

Regional Director – Baltimore City / Baltimore County

Maryland Small Business Development Center

an affiliate of the University of Maryland at College Park

240.342.9410 Mobile Number



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