Episode 11: The Backyard Urban Farm Company


Rabbi Yossi interviews backyard urban farmers Marc Green and Arlene Hazzan, co-owners of BUFCO (Backyard Urban Farm Company), about how they transform urban spaces into amazing gardens.

Their passion to grow nourishing food in urban spaces led them to help others to grow their own food, and to help them reconnect with nature.

As part of the Year of Living Jewishly Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, Rabbi Yossi encourages participants to see work in designated gardens as a way to honour the environment and give of themselves in support of others. Rabbi Yossi himself is an urban gardener who donates the output of his own terrace garden to Living Jewishly’s social enterprise, The Manna Project. Through this active engagement with nature and Rabbi Yossi as a guide, YLJ participants are able to see how their hard work can have a direct impact on their own lives too.

Learn more about the Manna Project here: livingjewishly.org/manna/

Learn more about BUFCO here: bufco.ca/

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