EPIC039 (3/4) – Misconceptions about Urban Farming


This week, we meet Jolene Lum – Founder and CEO of Urban Tiller Singapore. We discuss how we can really be sustainable and the best ways to support our local farms! PLUS – how would you setup a sustainable urban farm in a zombie apocalypse!

Urban Tiller is also providing 30% off your first order by using PROMO Code: UTFIRST30

Full episode here: https://youtu.be/vQl9WFF_rYg

About Urban Tiller:
Urban Tiller is a farm-to-table AgriTech startup delivering fresh vegetables to urban households within 6-8 hours from harvest. They source produce that is grown hydroponically, organically and in an environmentally sustainable way. In Short – it’s all about bringing you Fresh, Safe and Sustainable produce.


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