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Entrepreneurship Session 3: Rebuild Your Community Co-operatively!


Rebuild Your Community Co-operatively!
Co-operative enterprise has been part of the American economy since its beginnings, and has played a particularly important role in our rural communities. Today, 1 in 3 people in the U.S. being co-op members and we are seeing this business model used in new and innovative ways. Co-ops enable people to work together to meet their needs and aspirations, providing themselves with everything from farm supplies to groceries, good jobs to financial services, and shelter to electricity. Learn how the co-operative model is being used to help small towns provide access to fresh food when the last grocery store has left the area; or how co-ops in the South help Black farmers hold on to their farms and empower their communities; or how retiring business owners are using co-ops to transition to shared ownership with their employees and communities, retaining jobs and infrastructure; or enabling residents of manufactured housing to own their neighborhoods, together. Co-operatives are member-owned and democratically-governed, offering a business model that is more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient. As we work to rebuild our communities in the wake of COVID-19, let’s rebuild co-operatively.

Moderator: Erbin Crowell, Executive Director of Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Panel Discussion: Rob Brown, Program Director of Cooperative Development Institute; Lori Capouch, Rural Development Director for North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives; Paul Bradley, President of ROC USA, LLC; Terence Courtney, Director of Cooperative Development & Strategic Initiatives of Federation of Southern Cooperatives; Carl Woodruff, Founder, Co-Owner, and Manager at Oxbow Design Build Cooperative


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