Empowering Women Public Space & Climate Change – Talks (07)


This event was held online on: Thursday March 9th, 18.30hrs CET

About this event:

The sessions of Empowering Women, Public Space and Cimate Change Talks, combine our past topics of Public Space and Climate Change. Partnering together with Her City a joint initiative of UN Habitat and Global Utmaning. Partners of the New European Bauhaus and co-organization with partners of BIDs Beglium and City Space Architecture.
Empowering Women, Public Space and Climate Change aims to create further awareness, research and projects on female led initiatives and gathering experts from a variety of sectors with a focus on empowering diverse women around the world. Engaging in inspiring debates and discussions, taking an inclusive approach to highlight women working in the field.All sessions of Empowering Women and Climate Change recognize the need for more gender equality, racial and social justice. With taking an integrated systemic and connected approach by local governments, private sector and grassroots and civil society organizations, together having a crucial opportunity to enhance their climate responses from social issues to the supply chain, from poverty alleviation and gender equality.

About this session:
In this session we continue sharing, exchanging and hightlighting projects, research and case studies from global perspectives from our partners and extended network. From those working in collectives and initiatives to those in private sector. Discussing the challenges and potential positive impacts with projects and research on the ground. Emphasizing the strong link between each of these topics and the need for a more systemic and integrated approach relating to; empowering women, public space and climate change in communities across the world.
This session of Empowering Women and Public Spaces Talks, is co-organised by Rozina Spinnoy, BIDs Belgium and in partnership with Luisa Bravo of City Space Architecture. Partners of Her City, a joint initiative of UN Habitat and Global Utmaning, the New European Bauhaus (as community partners of BIDs Belgium).
This is the first session of 2023 and we look forward to welcoming the following speakers::

Female Builders: Inclusive Urban Implementation

Global Lead Net Zero Urban Program, KPMG

Founder of “GamingX”

City Space Architecture

BIDs Belgium

Find more detailed Bio’s via the past Eventbrite listing: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empowering-women-public-space-and-climate-change-talks-07-registration-565275092017

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