Elizabeth Richey is BACK on YouTube | New Channel | Why Did You Move? | Did you Sell the Farm?


Welcome, welcome! Thank you for being here! This is the first video on my brand new channel! Previously I was on YouTube as “Elizabeth Huskey Richey”, “Richey Huskey Farm” and “LittleFarmBigDreams” over the course of 8 years. My YouTube channel was hacked and stole in October 2022 and finally now in December 2022 I’m starting over again with a new channel. But my new channel picks up after 3 months of major changes in my life! I’ve moved, I have a new house, new land, a whole new gardening setup, everything is different! So please check out the video for all the details and what to expect on this channel!
Much love!
xoxox Elizabeth

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What is this channel about: The adventurous journey of a charismatic late 30-something woman buying her DREAM 140 year old COTTAGE in a small historic downtown in Arkansas and sharing her home preservation tips as well as URBAN GARDENING on a 1/2 acre lot in town! Expect to see cottage core, perennial gardens, pollinator gardens, edible landscaping, raised bed gardening and ALL organic gardening methods!

WHO IS THIS LADY? Elizabeth Richey is a Money Mentor, Transformative Life Coach and Creator of The Abundant Woman Program, for more information on that or to book a free call with her today to transform your life, find her everywhere online here: https://bit.ly/3YG2MwX


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