Ecological City – Art & Climate Solutions Workshops Livestream Mar 4 Part 1


Earth Celebrations’ ECOLOGICAL CITY: Art & Climate Solutions Action Project applies the arts to build community, collaboration and action on climate solution initiatives to mitigate climate change impacts of flooding, carbon pollution and the consequences of sea-level rise throughout the network of community gardens, neighborhood and waterfront on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Gardeners, artists, residents, youth and over 50 community partner organizations collaborate through 9 months of creative engagement, partnership building and Art & Climate Solutions Workshops, developing visual art and performances exploring local sustainability sites and their climate solution initiatives.

The community presents their inspiring sustainable urban ecosystem and artistic works created through the workshops, in the culminating Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions on Saturday May 13, 2023. The 10-mile procession features spectacular visual art, giant puppets, costumes with 21 sustainability site performances, exploring the neighborhood’s community cultivated and place-based climate solutions.


Earth Celebrations is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991 on the Lower East Side of New York City, to engage communities to generate ecological and social change through the arts.

For the past 30 years Earth Celebrations’ programs have applied the arts to build community, collaboration and action on climate change, water quality, river restoration, waste management, and the preservation of species, habitats, nature, gardens, parks, and a healthy urban environment.

Earth Celebrations has pioneered and developed a form of cultural organizing and creative placemaking, integrating community-based arts, the theatrical pageant art form and environmental activism, to build broad-based coalitions and diverse sector partnerships with local organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, schools and community residents, to work together to achieve common goals and ecological, policy and social change.

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