Eco Urban Farming


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Many people wish to start a small scale commercial farming system, a few things need to be considered before start this business:
(1) The set up cost, choose the reasonable set up cost, ensure it can make your ROI in two or three years.
(2) System design, choose the system easy to be maintained. We have a separate aquaculture system (Fiberglass tanks) so that customer do not headache if the underneath ponds in tear and wear or dead fishes inside hiding pond.
(3) Many of them just selling hardware (System) to customer.
We provide after sale service, we give hand on practice and will often visit your farm in first few months to ensure you can handle from seedlings to harvesting.
(4) We provide our homemade worm tea from our worm farm as extra organic fertilizer to our customer, do not use those unknown fertilizer without any data provided.
(5) Do not attracted by number of crops head in system, Do remember that crops need sufficient sunlights, fresh air and nutrient.
Message us, Our team will provide free consultation and plan your farm system based on your investment and land space.


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