E-Bike Review | Radio Flyer's Game-Changer: Unboxing & Testing the Ultimate Folding Cargo E-Bike!


Ever thought a wagon company could master the art of e-bikes? Join us as we dive deep into the world of Radio Flyer’s (Flyer™) e-bike expertise! From a brand synonymous with wagons for over a century, comes the Folding Cargo e-bike that might just change your perspective about foldable cargo bikes.

Purchase the 860 Folding Cargo Bike: https://bit.ly/3OQh0Ix
Shop Cargo Accessories: https://bit.ly/3QsMcPw

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🔍 What’s Inside:
1️⃣ The Versatility: From pack mule to family hauler. Perfect for those tight on storage yet needing carrying capacity.
2️⃣ Assembly Made Easy: A breeze to assemble with step-by-step guidance.
3️⃣ Key Features: The sturdy aluminum frame, advanced drivetrain, efficient motor, and innovative anti-theft designs.
4️⃣ Sizing and Fit: Suitable for just about any adult and young riders too!
5️⃣ Performance & Testing: Real-time hill climb attempts, speed tests, and braking safety.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Perfect for urban families, this bike seamlessly blends convenience and utility. Check out how Radio Flyer has integrated their rich legacy with modern e-bike tech.

🛍️ Interested in purchasing? Find child seat options, a variety of accessories, and even a professional assembly service during checkout.

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In This Video:
00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Frame
02:11 – Motor + Gearing
03:28 – Battery
04:13 – Brakes
05:20 – Cockpit + Controller
06:15 – Accessories
06:59 – Final Thoughts

►► Hosted by Robb Dorr + Kent Robinson
►► Edited by Peter Berube (http://www.peterberube.com)

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