THE LOOP is a 93-kilometer-long sustainable urban motorway in Dubai. The initiative seeks to become the world’s smartest bike and running infrastructure.

THE LOOP is designed to connect more than 3 million inhabitants to important services and attractions by walking and cycling within minutes. It will provide a nice climate-controlled atmosphere all year to encourage inhabitants of Dubai to walk and cycle as their primary means of transportation, in keeping with the city’s new 20-minute plan. The goal is for cycling and walking to be the principal method of transportation for more than 80% of Dubai citizens by 2040.

URB, a global pioneer in the development of sustainable cities, is in charge of the project. Baharash Bagherian, CEO of THE LOOP, discusses how THE LOOP gave an excellent chance to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in urban mobility:

“Dubai is the finest destination for urban mobility startups. THE LOOP project embodies that entrepreneurial spirit, with the goal of making Dubai the most linked city on the planet by foot or bike. The LOOP represents the future of urban mobility infrastructures, which are more than just environmentally friendly transportation systems. These infrastructures are public places and utilities where different leisure and community services can be delivered. Regardless of the weather, these sorts of facilities provide a delightful means of sustainable transportation.

“Whilst cities rush to improve their infrastructure towards more sustainable forms of transport, THE LOOP project in Dubai aspires to establish a new bar for the world’s best cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Currently in the R&D stage, URB intends to build the world’s first active mobility infrastructure, complete with amenities and sustainability elements that will impact the future of urban mobility in Dubai and beyond. The initiative is also in accordance with Dubai’s vision to become a 20-minute city, where inhabitants can reach everyday necessities and destinations on foot or by bicycle in 20 minutes.


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