Dr Joanne Jordan discusses the impact of climate change in Dhaka, Bangladesh


As part of the University of Manchester’s commitment to address global inequalities, Dr Joanne Jordan discusses the premiere of a short documentary exploring her findings on the everyday realities of climate change in Dhaka.

As part of the University’s Global Development Institute, Dr Jordan spent months in the slums of Dhaka talking to over 600 people in their homes, work places, local teashops and on street corners to understand how climate change is linked to many other problems experienced in their ‘everyday’ life.

With the research completed, Joanne teamed up with the University of Dhaka to explore the findings through a ‘Pot Gan’; a traditional folk medium, featuring melody, drama, pictures and dancing. Performances were used to encourage slum dwellers, researchers, practitioners and policy makers to reflect on the day to day realities of living with climate change.

Learn more about the project: http://www.gdi.manchester.ac.uk/research/themes/environmental-urban-and-agrarian-change/urban-climate-resilience/

Discover more about the University of Manchester’s commitment to address global inequalities: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/beacons/global-inequalities/


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