Dr. Anand Ranganathan: Neutral & Brutal Political Truths About India | The Ranveer Show 317


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In this episode of The Ranveer Show, we have a very special guest; Anand Ranganathan who is a scientist and the author of some amazing books like The Land of the Wilted Rose 2012, For Love and Honour 2015, and The Rat Eater 2019 (co-authored). His forthcoming book is on India’s forgotten scientists 2023 (co-authored). Yes, you guessed it right.

Anand sir is known for his outspoken and fearless nature. He is someone who does not fear away from expressing his opinions which is why he is someone that I have looked upon for inspiration. In this episode, he gave his opinion on many talks like Modern-Day India, Science, Leapfrogging, Social Darwinian, JNU, the Cabinet Ministers, and much more.

This was an amazing episode for me to record and hopefully for you to watch. We talked about a wide range of topics that will help youngsters to gain more knowledge about science, politics, and India in general. Do share your opinions in the comments and we hope you enjoy this!

(0:00) – Anand Ranganathan x Ranveer Allahbadia begins
(4:10) – On his Profession
(5:30) – All about Science
(7:57) – Believing in Aliens
(9:10) – Modern-Day India
(12:12) – Being a Black & White guy
(20:03) – Why Govt should not run a Business?
(23:12) – How does Govt win the election?
(25:36) – Truth about Politicians
(37:03) – His free speech attitude
(50:40) – Social Darwinian & Conservatism
(57:29) – Constant Learning
(1:05:09) – About Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
(1:09:34) – Digital Journalism
(1:18:55) – Admiring Jackie Shroff
(1:20:34) – Memes and more
(1:24:18) – Being Sued for Criminal Contempt of Court
(1:29:15) – Timeline of Future Prime Ministers
(1:35:19) – On Rajeev Chandrasekhar
(1:39:22) – About other Cabinet Minister
(1:41:24) – On Yogi Adityanath
(1:49:10) – Is Arvind Kejriwal a dishonest politician?
(1:50:18) – Do people perceive Yogi as an honest politician?
(1:52:00) – Are Hindus discriminated against in India?
(1:57:00) – Thank you for Watching
(1:57:35) – End of the Podcast

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