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Doug Fine: All about Hemp | Cannabis University 2018 | Cannabis News Network


About Doug Fine: Doug FIne is an American bestseller author, journalist, hemp expert and goat farmer has been on our wish list for a long time. In 2011, Doug Fine moved for a year to Mendocino County, an epicenter of the California cannabis culture. The book he wrote about it, ‘Too High To Fail: Cannabis and the new green economic revolution’ (2012), remains one of the best – and certainly funniest – books about American cannabis culture and the road to legalization. The successor, ‘Hemp Bound: dispatches from the front lines of the next agricultural revolution’ offers a fascinating insight into the world of industrial hemp. Doug is as experienced as a gifted speaker, who leaves no listener unmoved.


Recorded at the Cannabis University during Cannabis Liberation Day 2018 in Amsterdam.

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