Don't Lose Profit By Making these 10 Microgreens Farm Business Mistakes


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John from visits City Hydro in Baltimore Maryland to share with you the top 10 mistakes you can make when growing microgreens for profit. You will learn from Larry, an expert Microgreens grower, and businessman on the mistakes that can hurt your bottom line or even cause your microgreens farm to fail.

In this episode, you will learn everything about microgreens you need to know to sell them profitably and make thousands of dollars a month. You will learn about how to acquire new customers, how to keep your current customers, and how to generate a regular income that can support your business and your family.

You will learn from one of the oldest microgreens farmers in the USA who has grown thousands of trays of microgreens in his indoor farm that is inside his house in Baltimore, Maryland and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in the process.

You will discover how microgreens can be grown year-round to create an income for you and your family for 52 weeks in a year.

You will learn the 10 top mistakes microgreens businesses can make that can lower their profits and put them out of business.

You will discover some very simple marketing techniques for your microgreens business that can increase your profits and even make growing the microgreens even easier and faster.

You will learn why the business aspect of a microgreens farm is even more important than growing the microgreens themselves.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make when growing microgreens for profit and business.

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