Does climate change cause earthquakes | The Going Green Podcast, Episode 83


In general, there is no significant impact of climate change on earthquakes that has been identified by scientists. However, they are not disregarding the possibility of a connection. As the Earth’s average temperature increases, the melting of massive ice sheets leads to the transfer of billions of tons of water from land to the ocean, causing land masses to rise. This global change could result in seismic activity, but no such evidence has been observed yet.

Earthquakes are caused by the movement and collision of tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface. Climate change can, however, have indirect effects on earthquakes. For example, changes in water storage and distribution due to climate change can affect underground geology, leading to changes in stress levels and possibly increasing the likelihood of earthquakes. Additionally, sea level rise caused by climate change can also lead to changes in oceanic and coastal tectonics, which can trigger earthquakes.

However, it’s important to note that the relationship between climate change and earthquakes is complex and not fully understood. Further research is needed to better understand the possible connections between these phenomena.


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