DIY – Roof Rack Fairing / Wind Deflector


Does your roof rack sound like a wind tunnel while driving down the highway? Don’t have the dough to buy a wind deflector / fairing? Interweb says all it takes is to get rid of the noise is disrupt the airflow over the leading bar.

By the way, I have an INNO rack system. I can use my existing flat bar designed Thule attachments to it but basic rack system is alot cheaper.

My solution is a little overkill but I wanted something real easy so I picked up a 4 foot bungee cord with a plastic attachment on each side. Something like this: and just wrap it around your front load bar.

Using the bungee cord definitely cut down the wind noise for me. I can’t compare it to a commercial fairing because I’m way to cheap to buy one. The only drawback is you can’t attach stickers to it to show how much of an adrenaline junkie you are. Doesn’t bother me though….

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