“DIY Greenhouse: Transforming a Plastic Tote into a Mini Garden Haven” #gardenshorts


You don’t have to spend a lot money building a greenhouse you can achieve the same results with plastic totes.

A plastic box can be used to demonstrate the greenhouse effect. Here’s how it works:

Take a clear plastic box with a lid and place it in the sun.

Put a thermometer inside the box and note the temperature.

Close the lid of the box and observe what happens to the temperature.

Over time, you will notice that the temperature inside the box rises, even though the outside temperature remains the same.

This happens because the plastic box traps the heat from the sun, much like the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap heat.

The plastic acts like the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, allowing sunlight to enter but preventing the heat from escaping.

This is why a plastic box can be used as a simple demonstration of the greenhouse effect.

It’s important to note that the greenhouse effect is a natural process that is necessary for life on Earth, but human activities have enhanced it, leading to potentially dangerous levels of global warming and climate change.


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