Digital Twin of Urban Systems: Towards Intelligent, Climate-adaptive, and Equitable Cities


Speaker: Dr. Chao Fan (Assistant Professor, Clemson University)

This talk focuses on data science-enabled scientific discoveries and Artificial Intelligence techniques for urban systems in adapting to the changing climate. Cities around the world are facing various physical, social, and economic challenges associated with many stressors such as climate disasters. What makes cities vulnerable is in large part due to a network of connectivity that encompasses rapid growth of urban populations, disparate sprawl of the infrastructure, and increment of the environment. The big data revolution opens the door to a variety of research in sensing, modeling, and optimizing connected urban systems. However, there is a gap in our understanding and methods to integrate separate information, models, and insights to deliver smart solutions for climate adaptation of cities. This presentation will describe efforts to create a Digital Twin with capabilities of harnessing the urban big data revolution and analytics to offer data-driven, complexity-informed, equity-aware, and transdisciplinary insights to transform the way we design urban systems.


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