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Migration to Europe is once again surging. EU authorities reported 133,000 irregular border crossings last year – the highest number since 2016. Most of those fleeing seek to come by sea.

Two recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean attest to the peril they face. The deaths have provoked harsh criticism of Europe’s broken policy – yet some leaders want to crackdown harder.

The UK, for example, will pay France more than half a billion Euros to stop illegal crossing of the English Channel. Yet at the same time, countries facing urgent labor shortages – like Germany – want to create more legal pathways for skilled migrants.


00:00 Intro
01:30 What’s driving migrants to make the perilous crossing to Europe?
03:00 Is Russia using migrants as weapons to undermine Europe?
04:00 Could this become a crisis similar to the mass influx of 2015?
06:00 The contradictory faces of EU migration
07:50 Open door for Ukrainians, closed gates for the rest: is racism the reason?
10:50 Can Europe slow down the growing influx of refugees?
12:10 Does the rise of right-wing governments make solutions tougher?
13:30 Do countries of origin have an obligation to hold back migrants?
16:00 Long term solutions for short term pressures?
18:00 Is the UK -France deal a solution?
19:10 A better plan for French-British cooperation
20:30 Would more deportation change the situation in Europe
22:40 A shift in policy toward skilled migration
24:00 Can Europe control migration without betraying its values?


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