DEEP DIVE Evaluating Urban Heat Island Mitigations using Satellite based Thermal Imagery


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DEEP DIVE: Evaluating Urban Heat Island Mitigations using Satellite based Thermal Imagery

The City of Los Angeles is leading California in climate change adaptation strategies to reduce the urban heat island effect. After piloting cool pavement coatings paired with tree planting in three neighborhoods in 2019, StreetsLA partnered with NASA/JPL to evaluate the effectiveness of these projects using the thermal camera aboard the international space station. Analysis of the images showed that the cooling effects of the Winnetka project are measurable and significant. This analysis helped Los Angeles policymakers decide to invest $6M in a program of cool pavement coatings and tree planting along 200 city blocks across four underserved neighborhoods: the program began in October 2021.

Greg Spotts, StreetsLA
Glynn Hulley, Research scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Erin Kraemer, UC Berkeley (moderator)

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Now in its sixth year, the annual Diversity in Tech Symposium (formerly Women in Tech) highlighted the experiences of experts working to advance innovation in clean energy, water conservation, food systems, disaster prediction, coastal science, sustainable manufacturing and many other areas within their organizations. The event featured a virtual career fair company representatives and startups to help attendees discover pathways into climate tech. This event also showcased the winners of the EDGE in Tech Initiative Athena Awards which recognize those who have championed the advancement of women and people of color in technology.

The 2022 Diversity in Tech Symposium was sponsored by our champion sponsors Lam Research and Meta, our trailblazer sponsors Agilent and Siemens, and our other supporters: Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Intel, SAP, Berkeley Skydeck, UC Davis College of Engineering, UCSC Baskin Engineering, IoT4Ag at UC Merced, UC Berkeley Engineering, and CITRIS.

Learn more about the EDGE in Tech Initiative at the University of California at and co-founded by CITRIS and Banatao Institute ( and the College of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley (


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