Decentralised Green Deals: Enabling Subnational Actions for Green Development | Pyush Dogra


Effective climate action must be cognizant of the sub-national differences in resource endowments and historical development patterns. Increasingly, there is a need to enable green para-diplomacy where larger commitments by countries are enabled by identifying clear mechanisms for directing finance to sub-national entities which can then pursue specific actions in line with their own local realities. In North-East India, green para-diplomacy could take various forms, such as joint projects with neighbouring states to promote sustainable agriculture and forestry practices, cross-border collaborations to manage transboundary environmental challenges, and coordinated efforts to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

How can sub-national governments be given a greater voice in the global policy discourse around SDGs and climate action? What are the primary challenges faced by sub-national governments in implementing impactful climate measures? What changes are needed in the domestic and global financial architecture to enable greater flows of climate finance to sub-national entities? How can sub-national governments work together to address global climate concerns and what are some successful models for cross-border cooperation in climate governance?

Pyush Dogra, Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank

Camila dos Santos, Advisor for International Relations and Cooperation, Rio de Janeiro City Hall, Brazil

Rebecca Mathai, Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General, India

Ismail Rafeeq, Mayor, Fuvahmulah City Council, Maldives

Subhash Ashutosh, Director, CoE for NRM and Sustainable Livelihoods, India

Phrang Roy, Coordinator TIP, Rome, Member of the Task Force of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, Founding Advisor of the 7 Countries Coalition on Indigenous Peoples Food Systems, India

Moderator: Anusha Kesarkar Gavankar, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, India

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