Welcome to Escaping The Odds Podcast. EPISODE 9 WITH DAVID EDWARDS

David Edwards story is an absolute comeback story. Growing up in Chicago south side and north side. He was always an entrepreneur owning a salon/barber shop. His life took a drastic turn when he was arrested for 2 homicides at his place of business. Eventually serving 10 years in Illinois State prison. David returned to the streets with a plan to stay on the right path. A trip to New Mexico would help change the trajectory of his life.A meeting with a gentleman who legally grew marijuana and veggies/fruits allowed him to see the opportunity to learn about urban agriculture.

He came back to Chicago with a plan to build out an urban farming location. Smooth & Social root cafe was born.

The new found business is a mixture of urban farming, cafe and veggie/fruit distributor. David’s business has caught the attention of local and National media. He’s now serving a different kind of “Green” and is having a positive impact on the community. I highly encourage a visit to the store in Chicago at 1517 west warren Blvd . @smoothandsocialroots Instagram.

Here in Escaping The odds Podcast, you will be able to hear or listen to stories of formerly incarcerated who are now successful entrepreneurs. I highlight stories of individuals who changed their lives by switching mindsets and hustles. They will share tips and advice that you can follow if you want to venture into business. We also offer re-entry resources for formerly incarcerated housing/education and entrepreneurship resources for any aspiring entrepreneur.

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My podcast features videos about stories of individuals who were impacted by the criminal justice system and who are now entrepreneurs.

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